VisiScope Cell Analyzer

Multidimensional Cell Based Imaging System

The use of microscopy and fluorescence imaging in science is one of the most important technologies to analyze structure and fundamental function in cells.  New protein and GFP dyes allows the investigation of living cells in more details about localization and time depending functions. For this detailed analysis a high throughput of samples with special biological assays are required to get the best possible statistically accurate results.

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The VisiScope Cell Analyzer is designed as a multidimensional cell based imaging system. The cell culture usually located in a 96, 384 or 1536 well-plate. The cells are labeled with different fluorochromes for each cell component. With addition of e.g. inhibitory substances the expression of the labeled components will be increased or decreased. This makes intracellular metabolisms visible and could be measured by fluorescence quantification.
The software controls  all motorized hardware components. Quantification, measurement and storage to database format are standard functions of the software.

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