High Performance Ca++ or FRET Imaging

Scientific grade cooled CCD-cameras rep-resent the state-of-the-art detector for spatially resolved calcium-measurements. An integrated measurement system demands three essentials:

  • high sensitivity / low noise image sensors
  • fast, but accurate wavelength toggling
  • perfect synchronization of both components

Experimental Methods:

  • fast change of excitation wavelength via polychromator or filterwheel
  • excitation wavelength e.g. Fura-2
  • emission wavelength, e.g. BCECF or CFP/YFP/FRET
  • acquisition of two different emission bands via filterwheel (sequentially) or with our simultaneously with DualView  Imager  e.g. GFP-FRET or Indo.
  • Observation of single wavelength fluorescence of calcium-indicators
  • e.g. Fluo 3, Fluo 4
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