February 2018


Visitron Systems GmbH - Company Profile 2018

January 2018

Visitron new office 02sm

 We have moved! New facilites in Puchheim, Benzstraße 36
Finally, it is done and we are happy to start in our new facilities!

October 2017


 VisiView 4.1: 3D Deconvolution
3D Deconvolution – powered by Microvolution
Results of optical imaging are influenced by optical limitations accounting for out-of-focus blur and noise. VisiView 3D Deconvolution reduces out-of-focus blur and increases signal-to-noise ratio of images.

September 2017


VisiView 4.1: 5D Viewer

January 2017


VisiView 4.0: New features

Nov 2016

Zebrafish VisiView Dark style website

 New Generation of VisiView - Version 4.0
VisiView with “High Contrast Display” and Dialog Docking.

Nov 2016

VisiScope W1-T2-Hom-Nikon-Ablation-Tirf

 VisiFRAP-Ablation with VisiTIRF
Combining High Resolution TIRF with Laser Ablation & Uncaging.

Oct 2016


 VS-LMS Laser Combiner with up to 8 laser lines
Flexible Multiple Laser Engine with highly stable Laser Outputs
The new generation of Visitron Systems Laser Merge Systems (LMS) is now available in a very compact design with up to 8 laser lines, three FC fiber outputs and an optional motorized alignment function.

June 2016


 VS-Homogenizer for VisiScope Confocal CSU-W1
After successful installation and testing of the Visitron Homogenizer optics over the last year, our customer are impressed about the perfect results and image quality improvement for Spinning Disk Confocal.
The VS-Homogenizer” optics, are designed to enhance the laser illumination of Spinning Disk Confocal CSU-W1. The existing functionality of the original CSU confocal head remains. This enhancement offers even illumination of large cell areas and allows high-sensitivity imaging of living cells without the need for mathematical shading correction.

March 2016

Leica-W1-T2-Ham frei 05sm

 Visitron Systems: Worldwide sales of Yokogawa CSU
Visitron Systems GmbH signed an extended Yokogawa contract for worldwide sales of  VisiScope Confocal based on the Yokogawa CSU spinning disk confocal head.
Over the last years Visitron System developed more and more system solutions, like the VisiScope-4Elements for Confocal, FRAP, Tirf and Widefield application for Life Cell research. Now this VisiScope system or parts of it are internationally offered by the Visitron international dealer network. All these systems are based on the VisiView® Imaging Software with the new Python macro scripting.
“Let’s go International” – for any questions please contact us info@visitron.de

January 2016


 VisiScope Confocal for Upright Microscopes
A high resolution and low phototoxic imaging device on upright systems, like the VisiScope Spinning Disk, is now available.

October 2015


 Visitron Systems @ Neuroscience, Chicago, USA
Visitron System has joined the second time with an own booth the Neuroscience meeting in USA, this year it was located in Chicago. We demonstrated our VisiScope-4Elements which is based on the new VisiFRAP/TIRF Combo unit.  We are impressed by the keen interest and the support of our US partners and dealers.

August 2015


 VisiView 3.0 - Major Version Upgrade
After an extensive development period we are proud to introduce our new VisiView 3.0 major version upgrade. VisiView 3.0 provides a real step forward to improved usability, device handling and macro programming.

July 2015


 VisiView 3.0 - IronPython
With VisiView 3.0 the macro language has been switched from a native  macro language to IronPython. All your macros that reside in VisiView  standard macro folder will be automatically converted in Python macros  during the installation of VisiView 3.0.

April 2015


 Visitron celebrates 20th birthday anniverary
The managing directors Dr. Gunter Köhn and Helmut Wurm were taken by surprise from the Visitron employees as they arranged and organized a small birthday party with an impressive birthday cake “20-Jahre Visitron Systems GmbH”, on the 2nd of April.

Many thanks to all loyal employees and business partners which help Visitron to grow over the last 20 years to a confidence partner in the Life Science research market.

Nov 2014

Visitron Neuroscience 01a small

 Neuroscience Meeting 2014 in Washington DC from November 15. - 19.
We are looking back to a very successful meeting with our first own booth at the Neuroscience meeting in Washington DC. We demonstrated our new VisiFRAP-DC system including the VisiView Imaging software with dual PCO-sCMOS Edge camera support and we got a lot of feedback. Visitron will now start to setup a team of direct dealers and partner in US to improve our business and direct technical and application support

October 2014


 Prof. Hell wins Nobel Prize
Visitron Systems GmbH congratulate our customer Prof. Dr. Stefan W. Hell, for receiving this years Nobel Prize for Chemistry, for his work on improving the resolution of optical microscopy.


July 2014


 VisiCAM-100 System
Low Cost Imaging System
The VisiCAM-100 Imaging System is designed as multitalented imaging system in the low cost microscopy market. The extremely small camera system, either in monochrome or color version, are easy to fit on any microscopy.

April 2014

2D Frap Compact Zeiss hinten frei 04sm

 VisiFRAP DC - Direct Coupling System with integated Laser
The latest model extension of the Visitron System 2D-FRAP scanner family convinces by its compactness and flexibility. The new design allows the direct coupling of up to two lasers in the Galvo-scan-head. An additional VIS laser input allows the coupling of additional laser lines if required.
This unique new scan head opens new dimensions in biological studies of living cells.

Jan 2014


 VisiView version 2.1.3 released with following feature:
· Andor cameras supported
· PI-cameras supported with PI-PVCAM for 32bit only
· PCO edge 4.2 supported
· PCO edge supports binning
· Timestamp in image sequences supported
· Scan Slide acquisition for Z stacks, no online overview
· Process Stitching supports z stacks
· Autofoucs improved
· Hardware Autofocus improved
· Z-series acquisition improved
· VisiFrap supports pulsed Lasers

Nov 2013


 Visitron Dealer in Japan, Singapore and Shanghai/China
Visitron improve the international business in the Asia with some new strong partners. We are proud that our VisiView microscopy imaging software getting more and more popular also in that Asia live science market.

Sep 2013


 New VisiView application and product Video on our Website and Youtube.

This videos are very helpful also for training and maintenance. Special VisiView training also offered online by “TeamViewer” session

June 2013

VS iLas Pulse 01

 Visitron Systems GmbH signed exclusive cooperation with Roper France
Over the last years Roper France and Visitron Germany had developed there own Confocal, FRAP and TIRF technologies for live cell microscopy. Now both companies working together and representing their products in the respective territory. Roper France in France, Benelux and Spain and Visitron in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The Roper iLas TIRF/FRAP and iLAS Pulse system has been implemented into the powerful VisiView imaging software. Both companies can now offer most flexible solutions for simultaneous Confocal, TIRF and FRAP application with any kind of laser configuration.

April 2013

x1_Motorized Unit A2

 Visitron Systems is new direct Yokogawa partner also now for CSU-X1 confocal

June 2012


 Next Generation of Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy
Presented By Helmut Wurm from Visitron Systems at the ELMI Meeting 2012

Next generation of spinning disk confocal microscopy - reduced  crosstalk, whole mount specimen imaging at high magnification, 25 µm  pinhole technology - presented at ELMI Meeting 2012 in Leuven, Belgium  by Helmut Wurm from Visitron Systems.

May 2012

 CSU-W1 Confocal

Yokogawa releases new CSU-W1 Confocal for wider field of view and cleaer imaging.
Press release.

Sep 2011


 Zeiss Gold status award 2011 for Visitron Systems

Visitron System GmbH received GOLD status award because of best performance as authorized Zeiss partner in sales and support.

The managing director of Visitron Helmut Wurm says, he is proud about this award which shows the performance of the Visitron team in sales, application and support. As a manufacture of fluorescence imaging application in “Life Science Research” for nearly 20 years it helps to emphasising the successful work which was done and it motivates for the future.

Sep 2010

 Cell Voyager CV1000

Visitron Systems signed exclusive contract with Yokogawa Japan.

All-in-one confocal scanner system: The ideal tool for long-term live cell imaging.

 VisiScope Confocal FRAP
A compact and easy to handle system with simultaneous laser illumination for FRAP and confocal.

  Multi-Point Confocal for Life Cell Imaging

Real-Time Confocal System based on Spinning Disk or Multi-Point 2D Scanner 

sCMOS High Speed Imaging System
For high performance streaming & timlapse applications.

 VisiTIRF 2 - ”AAA” Auto Angle Adjustment

New motorized VisiTIRF condenser with high precise pre-adjustment of TIRF penetration.

 2D-VisiFRAP Realtime Scanner

Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching Imaging System

 VisiFluor High Performance Ca++ or FRET Imaging

Scientific grade cooled CCD-cameras rep-resent the state-of-the-art detector for spatially resolved calcium-measurements.

 VisiView Screening Option

Acquire automatically a high throughput of cells growing in dishes or multiwell plates